Juca Máximo é destaque no canal de TV WGN News de Chicago

maio 27, 2019by JucaPress


CHICAGO — A global group of artistic talent was on display during “The Other Art Fair” near Pilsen over the weekend.

While more than 1,000 applied to take part, the 120 professional and emerging artists selected for the show came from across the U.S. and the world, including Brazil, London, Australia, Seattle, New York and Chicago.

“Each artist takes a booth and they’re free to hang, curate and price their art as they like, so they’re essentially representing themselves. And they use it as a platform to launch their careers in the art world,” explains Sophie Lucas, “The Other Art Fair.”

This was the second year of “The Other Art Fair” in Chicago. The event makes stops in other places including Brooklyn, Los Angeles, London and Australia as year. Organizers plan on returning to Chicago next year, to continue their mission of helping emerging artists create, inspire and share their view of the world.

Link com a materia na íntegra: https://wgntv.com/2019/05/19/the-other-art-fair-showcases-work-of-emerging-artists-from-around-the-world/?fbclid=IwAR2Att_SbsdxT6i3CVcTI8BRHVkf3aP0_rYGV8CLOqjdiDyiM0PnP0X2fQk